Written by Lee Heffernan

Coming Home

It has many meanings for each person who takes this path at a point in their life. Sometimes it is a choice, other times a necessity. But when you make this change, you learn more about yourself by having the other cities you lived in as a touchstone of experiences which shaped the person you are now – and ultimately who you become.I have begun reconnecting with old friends, adjusting to the hotter summers (still don’t miss Manhattan “that much”) and the slower speed of life. Everyone is kind and makes you feel welcome. And, Southern Food is just a whole new level of epicurian nirvana. Give me fried catfish, pimento cheese, okra and cornbread any day of the week.

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In this blog space, I plan to share news I think is relevant to marketing, design, media but also the untraditional posts of funny stories from my crazy past lives in NYC, Atlanta and now Augusta along and the occassional recipes I’m working on…cooking is one of my top passions. Cheers! Lee